Masterpieces from more than five millennia

Büste einer Frau mit Flechtfrisur
Skulpturensammlung, © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Foto: Martin Förster
Please note that the Sculpture Collection until 1800 (Skulpturensammlung bis 1800) remains closed due to construction works until the reopening of the Semperbau at the Zwinger on 29 February 2020.


The illustrious holdings of the Dresden Skulpturensammlung range in date from classical antiquity via the art of the Renaissance, Baroque and Expressionism down to the 21st century, from Polycletus to Giambologna and Permoser, and from Rodin and Lehmbruck to Glöckner and Cimiotti.


At the Albertinum the Skulpturensammlung from 1800 and the Galerie Neue Meister have been presented as one museum for art from the Romantic period to the present.

To the Albertinum

Skulptur, die aus aufeinandergehäuften Rettungsringen und Tauen besteht
The new Permanent Exhibition at Semperbau at the Zwinger
Opening 29.02.2020

Reopening of the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister and Skulpturensammlung up to 1800

Mehr erfahren
Giambologna nach Michelangelo, Die Nacht, vor 1574, vor Peter Paul Rubens, Leda mit dem Schwan, um 1598-1600
© SKD, Foto: Klemens Renner

Ancient and Baroque sculptures

Entering the Albertinum, visitors are greeted by ancient and Baroque sculptures. Starting in 2020, the unique sculptures will have a new home in the Semperbau at the Zwinger. Until that time, they will be accessible for visitors in three visible storage galleries at the Albertinum.

Explore the highlights of antiquity

Skulptur eines nackten Mannes, Teile der Arme sind nicht mehr erhalten

One of the oldest antique collections outside Italy

The Skulpturensammlung holds works dating from more than five millennia – from the cultures of classical antiquity via all the various periods of European statuary art from the early Middle Ages down to the present day.

History of the collection


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