Skulptur eines Männertorso
© SKD, Foto: Hans-Peter Klut/ Elke Estel
From 5 May 2020 the Skulpturensammlung up to 1800 at the Semperbau am Zwinger is open from 11 to 17 (closed on Mondays). The Skulpturensammlung from 1800 at the Albertinum will be on show again from 19 June. Please note the special opening hours.

de sculptura. selected works from the Dresden Skulpturensammlung (Sculpture Collection)

The exhibition de sculptura (Latin: “about sculpture”) will feature 19 works from the Dresden Sculpture Collection (Skulpturensammlung) as examples illustrating the history of sculpture and relating closely to the history of the museum’s collection, interlaced with various narratives on the reception of antiquity as well as different lines of tradition in respect of figural images and iconographical programmes. The spectrum of works on display will range from an antique male torso, Roman imperial portraits and Renaissance and Baroque statuettes to 19th-century works and a torso by Auguste Rodin.

  • Exhibition Site Kunsthalle des Salzburg Museum
  • DATES 25/03/2013—30/06/2013


At the same time, the exhibition will create a bridge to the present day and focus attention on the Dresden Skulpturensammlung itself. During their sojourns in Dresden, the artists Stéphane Couturier (b. 1957), Katharina Gaenssler (b. 1974), Katharina Mayer (b. 1958) and Lois Renner (b. 1961) are producing photographic and installative works. In these, they will each individually explore the history of the Sculpture Collection (Skulpturensammlung) and its specific exhibition situation in the Albertinum in Dresden.

ein bronzener Männertorso
© SKD, Foto: Jürgen Karpinski
Auguste Rodin, Kleiner männlicher Torso, Entwurf um 1880, Guss möglicherweise später (vor 1897) Bronze, H: 27,3 x 18,6 x 11,3 cm

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