Gemälde mit zwei Frauen an einer Quelle
© SKD, Foto: Estel/Klut

The Nude around 1900. Body, Landscape, Eroticism

In a cabinet exhibition, the Skulpturensammlung directs its focus on the nude around 1900. On view are small-sized works from their own holdings by German and French artists such as Ernst Moritz Geyger, Aristide Maillol, Auguste Rodin and Bernhard Hoetger. Aspects of body, landscape and eroticism are illustrated in nude sculpture of classic modernism. Once presented in cases of the so-called Schaudepot, bronze and marble sculptures are now exhibited in a light setting and can be observed from all sides. Here, they enter into a dialogue with each other.

  • DATES 30/05/2013—10/11/2013


In the exhibition different subject areas reveal central textual and formal appearances in nude sculpture around 1900. Auguste Rodin, for instance, who is known as the founder of modern sculpture, introduced the introverted figure in sculpture. His marble work ‘Eve’ of 1881 is one example. Inspired by Rodin, sculptors such as Stanislaus Cauer, Max Lange or Paul Sturm created elegiac nudes of Art Nouveau, which seem to be isolated by space and whose meaning is incumbent upon the audience. Also the central topic of the female nude bathing or at the toilette served as a good surface onto which an idealized role model of the woman could have been projected. Works by the Frenchman Albert Bartholomé and the German Georg Kolbe give proof.

The show is enriched by loans from the Galerie Neue Meister  and the Kupferstich-Kabinett.

Skulptur einer Frau, die ihre Arme um sich selbst schlingt
© SKD, Foto: Estel/Klut
Auguste Rodin

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